OLM to VCF Converter

Export Outlook 2011 Contacts to vCard File Format

  • Convert all OLM contacts along with complete fields maintained
  • Systematic way to export Mac Outlook contacts to VCF format
  • An individual vCard format file generated for each contact
  • Data integrity and security ensured throughout the migration
  • Convert single/multiple contacts from OLM to VCF format
  • Easily import Outlook Mac contacts to iphone, Smartphone etc.


single olm contacts vcf file

Export Outlook 2011 Contacts to vCard

OLM to VCF converter comes with the provision of exporting Outlook for Mac address book contacts from OLM to vCard file format. The output generated after migration can further be used on supported platforms and devices.

multi contacts in vcf

Migrate Unlimited OLM Contacts to VCF

The conversion can be executed regardless of the number of contacts stored within an OLM file. The application completely supports unlimited contact conversion from OLM to VCF file extension, as per the user choice.

Single vCard File Per Contact

Users can save each contact individually with the help of this application. The option to save Outlook for Mac contacts to vCard file lets you save a VCF file each for every contact that is stored within the OLM.

View Mac Outlook Contacts to iPhone

As the .vCard file extension is supported by multiple portable devices; and the same format is runnable on any edition of iPhone application to transfer Outlook Mac contacts to iPhone.

Retentive Contacts Conversion

Export Outlook 2011 contacts to vCard with unlimited data without compromising the retention of original contents. The OLM to VCF converter retains complete data and its attributes throughout the conversion.

Live – Video OLM Contacts to VCF

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tool be able to convert bulk number of contacts?
"I have lots of contacts in my Outlook for Mac. Will the tool be able to convert them all?"
Can I run this application on my Mac OS X machine?
You can only run OLM to vCard converter on a machine configured with Windows OS, as it is a Windows based application additionally can access this application in Mobile based OS for Outlook 2011 Contacts Card view on any mobile utility.
Does the program support accurate migration of fields when converting?
Yes OLM to Vcard Contacts Migrator ensures that no data is altered during the migration of contacts and automatically export Outlook 2011 contacts to vcard along with exact fields.
Is the output vCard compatible with Android smartphones?
Yes, the application generates a standard vCard file when chosen as the output for migration. This output can further be used on any/all platforms supporting vCard files, including Android phones.
What is best output format to convert my Outlook for Mac contacts?
"I need to convert my contacts in a format that is a flexible enough to not trouble me when sharing. Which one of the three suits my requirement the best?"
You can export Outlook 2011 contacts to vCard format file to attain flexibility in storage and sharing. vCard files are the most versatile contact storage format supported by a wide range of applications, devices, and email programs (desktop and web based).

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