OLM Recovery Tool

Restore & Recover Mac Outlook Emails to Single Mail File Format

  • Recover deleted e-mail of Outlook Mac 2011 completely
  • Any size of Mac Outlook file can be added to the OLM recovery tool
  • For every mail, tool will create an individual Electronic Mail Format file
  • Maintains folder hierarchy while moving outlook 2011 emails
  • Naming Conventions to manage the emails saved after process
  • Works on all versions of Windows Operating System (till 10)


OLM Recovery

Recover Mac Outlook Emails

OLM recovery tool is specialized in recovering email data from OLM file that is in corrupt or inconsistent state. The solution is meant for extracting the messages from Mac Outlook database and recover Mac data files.

OLM Recovery

Restore OLM Emails in Batch

The OLM Recovery tool converts multiple emails from OLM to Single mail file format messages along with attachments and meta data like sender, receiver, date/time etc. All the data is converted with the help of OLM recovery software. Users can access whole data without any modification.

Save Outlook 2011 file to Electronic Mail Format

After recovery of corrupted files from OLM data of Outlook 2011, the software export them to single mail file format. The benefits of saving messages to electronic mail format is that the converted file will be compatible with large number of desktop email clients.

Repair Multiple OLM File

At a time, the OLM Recovery tool allow to repair single file. However, with licensed version of the tool there is facility to add as many files and retrieve deleted messages of Outlook 2011. However, only one file of Outlook 2011 Mac database can be recovered at once.

OLM Recovery

Keeps Folder Hierarchy Same

OLM Recovery Tool will save emails of a folder into a separate folder on machine after Outlook 2011 email recovery. For this, the option to maintain the folder hierarchy has to be enabled in the tool. All single mails of Electronic Mail Format will be saved separately from the other files.

Naming Conventions for Emails

After recovering deleted items Outlook 2011 Mac the software converts OLM files into single mail file format that can be saved in standard format defined in the tool. The emails can either be saved with their respective subject line or GUID name for mails will be generated by the tool.

Create Export Report

Outlook 2011 Mac database recovery generates an export report while transferring the OLM emails into another file format, User’s can save that file in excel file format. The live report on screen will give information about the converted email, its path, and the subject.

Support for Windows OS

The OLM Recovery Tool is used to recover Mac Outlook email and can be installed only on Windows Operating Systems of every edition including the latest version (Win 10).

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many OLM files can I add in the Outlook 2011 Mac recovery tool?
How to retrieve deleted messages from Outlook 2011, is this possible through this OLM recovery tool?
Yes, it's very easy to restore and recover Mac Outlook emails file with the help of this expert suggested Outlook Mac Recovery software.
How can I import Electronic Mail Format file to Windows Live Mail?
The process of importing Single mail files into Windows Live Mail is simple. Select the files, drag them, and drop them to Windows Live Mail email folder.
Will the software move all mails into single folder?
No, for every mail folder in OLM file, the software will generate an individual folder and save electronic mail format files in it.

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