OLM to IceWarp Converter

Mac OLM to IceWarp Conversion can be achieved by using OLM Conversion tool. If User Wants to Convert their OLM file to IceWarp then, they need to convert OLM file in a Windows Outlook format then IceWarp Import that file easily. The Whole process of Mac Outlook 2011 to IceWarp Outlook Sync is mentioned below

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Convert OLM to IceWarp

First Convert your Mac OLM database file into MS Outlook file format. For the conversion you can go for our software Outlook Mac Exporter. With the help of this tool OLM file of large size will be converted in fractions of seconds.

  • Add OLM file to the Software. And Click on the "Add" button.

  • The Software will scan your Mac file..

  • Hit the export button for the conversion of OLM file.

  • Enable the check box for PST and then choose destination as shown in figure below to save the exported OLM file, select the folders from right panel and Press down "Export" button.

Import Exported File to IceWarp:

If you are in need of importing your old data in new profile of IceWarp Outlook Sync from MS Outlook profile then have a look on below mentioned steps:

  • Install the IceWarp and start on your Windows PC.

  • Open "File" from the Main tab and Hit "Import" button.

  • Now Choose "Import from Microsoft Outlook" and Click on "Next" button.

  • Click on "Import Selected Data File" as shown in fig. below and Select the file from your local machine. And then press down "Next" button.

  • Select the folders which you want to import and click on "Next" button.

  • Choose "Import Data to a Specific Folder" and Browse for the Destination path at desired location. Hit "Finish" button.

  • After the above step, the process of importing will get started.

  • After the completion of the process. you will see your mails in the destination folder which you have selected.

That was the whole process to access the Mac OLM file in IceWarp Outlook Sync. But in case you will import the whole structure of the data, folder's items can be duplicated. Give up on just importing and uninstall and create a new profile with different name by doing this you can ignore the data duplication and let it sync all the data from the server. Outlook import feature can deal with import duplicities but it is not sure, it will be 100% successful.


IceWarp is a unified communication server product. It runs only on Windows & Linux operating Systems. IceWarp Software integrates with email, instant messaging, Voice & Video Communications into one application.

It is also supported by smartphones and tablets includes large sized file sharing, calendars, session recording etc. features. IceWarp offers desktop, mobile and web clients. IceWarp is integrated with multiple communications modes into email messages so can users easily switch from one mode to another.

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OLM Database

The Mac Outlook 2011 is most commonly used desktop email client, It is a Personal Information Manager  which is provided by Microsoft for Mac users only. Outlook 2011 enables users to send and receive mail messages.

Mac Outlook is also associated with multiple functionalities such as calendaring, contacts, tasks, notes and many more. Users can also manage their more than one mail account on one desktop mail Outlook.

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Conversion Challenges

There are various queries, encountered by the Mac Outlook users like how to import OLM database file in IceWarp Mail clients. This is because Mac Outlook file is associated with several limitations. The user's face few challenges to import OLM file in IceWarp Outlook email client:

Few challenges are listed below-:

  • File Formats of both the email clients are different from each other.
  • No manual procedure is there to convert OLM file in the IceWarp file format.
  • IceWarp only supports Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
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