OLM to eM Client Converter

OLM conversion can be performed by using OLM file conversion software. If you want to access your OLM file data items in eM client then, you have to convert OLM file in Outlook Windows file format. Then, import that converted file directly in the eM client. The detailed process of Mac into eM client Conversion is given below:

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Convert OLM file to eM Client

In the first step you have to convert your Mac Outlook OLM file to MS Outlook file format.To convert your OLM file you can opt for Outlook Mac Exporter. With the help of this software you can convert OLM file of unlimited size.

  • Click on "Add" button to add the OLM file in the software.

  • Scanning process will be started.

  • Press down the "Export" button to migrate OLM file.

  • Select PST option and destination as shown below path to save converted file, select the desired folders from right panel of window and press "Export" button.

Import converted Data File to eM Client:

If you want to import your old data in eM Client from MS Outlook then follow the steps below:

  • Install the eM Client.

  • Go to "File" in the Main Menu. and Click on "Import" option.

  • Now Select "Import from Microsoft Outlook" and press down "Next" button.

  • Choose "Import Selected File" and insert the path of resultant file. And then click on "Next" button.

  • Mark the desired folders to import and click on "Next" button.

  • Select "Import Data to a Specific Folder" and Browse for the Destination to import your file. Click on "Finish" button.

  • The importation process will be start.

  • After completing all the steps. You will see the message box.

eM Client

eM Client is a full featured desktop e-mail client with some latest and easy to use GUI (Gaphical User Interface). The eM Client also maintains Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and even offers Chat.

eM Client fully supports Google apps and Exchange. It can synchronize your mails or even corresponding attachments from various resources. eM Client supports importation of various file formats from different email clients.

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OLM Database

OLM is a Database file of Mac Outlook 2011. Outlook 2011 is an email client which is discovered by Micosoft only for the Mac Operating System. It enables Mac users to receive mails and access their multiple accounts in single desktop Window without any limitation.

Mac Outlook also integrated with some extra functionalities such as Calendaring, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and many more.

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Migration Challenges

Multiple queries are asked by Mac Outlook 2011 users. But the most common problem asked by most users is how to import Mac Outlook database in eM client. The reason behind this problem is the OLM database file have lots of limitations.

Some common issue faced by Mac uses in OLM to eM client transfer:

  • File formats of both mail clients are different.
  • Manual procedure is very lengthy and tricky.
  • OLM file is not directly imporatable in eM Client.
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