Step Guide of the Software

View the Simple steps below to know the working of tool:

Step 1: Install the tool and Press the "Add" button.

Step 2: Click the "Browse" button to add file in the Software.

Step 3: Now select the file from local machine.

Step 4: And press the "Add" button from the pop up Window.

Step 5: The scanning process is started and You can see the status report on software Window.

Step 6: Now the Software will ask you to save scanned OLM file within the software or not. Choose according to the requirement.

Step 7: All the mail items of file is now visible on screen. The software provides two view options:

a) Normal Mail View
b) Attachments View
Choose according to the requirement.

Step 8: The software consist with "Switch View" option. You can switch Software window according to the requirement.

Step 9: There are two ways to export the Outlook file:
A. Export Selected Email
B. Export Selected folder

A. Export selected file selects the particular mail and Right click and press export.

     Select the format from the list and Click on Export button.

B. Export the whole folder Press down the "Export" button from the main menu.

     Now Choose the following things:

    1. Select the folder
    2. Browse the destination
    And Click on "Export" button

Step 10: You can also see the Live Status of the Exporting Process of the Outlook file.

Step 11: After the whole process the software will create process report in CSV file format.