OLM to CSV Converter

Best Technique to Export Mac Outlook Contacts to CSV File in Bulk

  • Facilitates conversion of of OLM Contacts to CSV in bulk.
  • Save the migrated contacts in CSV file format (.csv)
  • Maintains all the contact fields in the resultant file
  • Export Mac Outlook Contacts to CSV and then generate Export Report
  • MS Outlook installation is not necessary for OLM to CSV conversion
  • This Windows based tool, does not require Mac machine


Advance Features of OLM Contacts to CSV Converter

 olm contacts csv

Export Mac Outlook Contacts to CSV

The software converts the Outlook Mac contacts stored in OLM to CSV format. The contacts get converted whilst maintaining the various fields of every contact. The contacts residing in the OLM file gets converted without any data loss.

tabular structure

Contact Fields in Tabular Structure

The OLM to CSV migrator maintains the fields of all the contacts maintained while they are being exported in CSV format. All the fields of the OLM file contacts get stored in a tabular structure which can be easily accessed in Excel sheet by exporting Outlook 2011 contacts information to CSV format.

export mac outlook contacts to csv

Batch Conversion of OLM Contacts

This OLM to CSV software facilitates conversion of bulk Mac Outlook contacts data to Excel sheet. All the contacts can be migrated collectively in CSV format and the migrated contacts can be accessed in Notepad, Excel sheet etc.

save export report

Export Status Report Generation

Once the contacts are exported successfully, an export report or status report is generated at the end. This report shows the number of contacts that have been converted successfully, the location where the CSV file is stored and also current item subject.

single user interface

Single Panel UI

In order to give ease to the users for the conversion of OLM Contacts data to CSV format, the software only has a single panel user interface. This single panel interface will enable the naïve users to work with the software without any issues.

not in mac

Incompatible with Mac Machine

Although exporting Mac Outlook Contacts data to CSV format, it is not supported in Mac machine. It is completely a Windows based tool that will not get installed in Mac machine. When run in Windows machine, the tool successfully convert OLM to Windows CSV file format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the software convert bulk contacts stored in OLM file?
Will the software be supported on my Mac machine?
No, the OLM to CSV Converter will not be supported in Mac machine and will only be installed in Windows machine.
How will I get to know the number of contacts that get converted to CSV format?
Once, the process gets finished, an export report is generated which shows the item count of the contacts successfully migrated in CSV format.
Is Outlook installation necessary for converting the contacts?
No, the software OLM Contacts data to CSV migrtaor does not require installation of Outlook in order to facilitate the contacts conversion.

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