Resolve Error Code 18000

Mac Outlook Error 18000 (Your Database Could Not Be Rebuilt) normally happens after upgrading the Mac Outlook to the higher version. In some time Identity database gets corrupted while updating the Outlook and creates problem in launching the Mac Outlook with the error message "Please upgrade the Office database".

You can upgrade the database by selecting the upgrade option. While trying to upgrade the database, you may receive the error.

And when you try to rebuild the Exchange database, you may receive the following error message:

Whenever you try to update the database an Error message "Error 18000" pops up that indicates that there is insufficient memory space in the hard drive.

Possible Resolution of the Error 18000

Manual method to resolve the Error code 18000

  • The manual method to resolve the error code will take a lot of time and memory space to restore the data.
  • Before proceeding towards the steps to resolve the error first ensure that there is 8 GB of RAM and 500 GB of space is available in the computer.
  • Also create a backup of the identity database by creating a copy of Office 2011 identities.
  • Only use the steps mentioned below to resolve error code if you have updated to SP2 from Mc Outlook 2011.
  • To verify open Word » About Word » Word Menu and if current version is 14.2.0 or above means that Service Pack 2 is installed.


Follow Steps to Recover Emails from Corrupted Identity Database

  • Step 1 » Remove MS Office 2011 and restart the System.
  • Step 2 » Now install Office 2011 14.0.0 and ensure that it is running.
  • Step 3 » Then start Microsoft Auto Update and upgrade it to 14.1.0 (SP1).
  • Step 4 » Now open the programs like Excel, Word and Exit them when they have loaded successfully.
  • Step 5 » Now Download and Install 14.1.4 update manually to the system.
  • Step 6 » Disable internet connection to avoid any kind of interruption.


Create a New Outlook Identity:

  • Step 1 » For that at first close the Outlook, open Microsoft Database utility and then delete all the identities. It is usually done to ensure that there is no corrupted identity exists in the system.
  • Step 2 » Create a new identity.
  • Step 3 » Close the Microsoft database utility.


Move the Header Folder of Exchange Database

  • Step 1 » For that first close the Outlook and from the Go Menu, click on the Documents.
  • Step 2 » Now open the newly created identity and open the Data Records.
  • Step 3 » Then copy the Database Headers from the folder of Database header.
  • Step 4 » Now paste the copied items in the Data records of Main identity.
  • Step 5 » Replace all and then Exit all the windows.


Process of Rebuilding the Identity Database

  • Step 1 » At first close the Outlook and then click on GO » Application » Microsoft Office 2011 » Office Folder » Run Database Utility.
  • Step 2 » Now select main identity and Click on the Rebuild option to rebuild the previous identity.

After performing all the steps a message will pop up "database was rebuilt sucessfully".With that you can easily recover the Database identity. After performing all the steps check out that is error still present by restarting the Mac Outlook. If it is present then you can export Mac OLM to Windows with external utility which can easily recover the complete data of Outlook Mac within a few clicks.

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