Creating Outlook 2011 Advance Search Raw Query of Smart Folders

MS Outlook 2011 is an email client that runs on Mac platform. It is a successor of MS Outlook 2008. A number of users work on Outlook 2011 for Mac platform. It comes with much better enterprise support and allows users to use it for business purposes. Users can send & receive the emails and maintain other information in calendars, texts, etc.

When users send and receive number of messages regularly, a huge amount of data is collected on Outlook 2011 causing problem in advance search raw query of smart folders desired email.

For example, if user wanted to see all unread messages in a folder, in that case they need to search all unread messages by applying search query and save all the messages in a folder for a future searches. Outlook 2011 provides this kind of facility as Smart Folders.

There are two types of Mac Outlook 2011 advanced search raw query, which helps user to find out emails:

Quick Search:

Searching any email using quick search is very easy way to find any message. In this user can click the folder where message is stored and using search box on the toolbar, they can find the desired message. By using search box option user can quickly search the messages.

Quick search involves three easy steps:

  • Open the folder on which user wants to perform the search
  • Enter the search term in search box present on the upper right corner
  • Outlook displays the search of desired items

Advance Search:

Advance search gives users a more detailed option to find out emails or messages. In advance search users can save their searches for future reference as Smart Folders. User can add additional criteria for searching on Advance search.

When user knows that they have email somewhere but not able to locate it in Outlook, they can use advance search by applying multi criteria in order to fined the email. Multiple criteria are considered as AND & OR statements, it results the output that matches all predefined criteria specified by users.

Advance search follows the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Search Tab
  2. A tab will appear next to the tool tab
  3. Tab consisting of folders such as Folder, Subfolder, All Mails and All items
    • Folder: it search within the current folder
    • Subfolders: it search within the current folder and all subfolders
    • All Mail: it search all email available in users Outlook
    • All Items: it search all items email, calendar entries, address book contacts, etc.

  4. Click Advance option in search tab

  5. Then click Save

User can apply different criteria and query for a Smart Folder. For example

This example will show all the emails having this name in their emails. The output will show all the emails having the name Nirvana whether it’s Ahan Nirvana or Maiya Nirvana
rdiItemAuthor==”Maiya Nirvana”c

This example will find out all emails having this name in character sensitive manner.

The output will only show emails having the word Nirvana. Using the defined two searches users can get their desired data and can save the searches in folders called Smart Folder. This helps in recollecting previously searched items by simply accessing the smart folders created for the respective searches.

Conclusion: This article is all about the Outlook 2011 advance searched raw query within the Mac Outlook. If users are not able to find their mail items that means the data got corrupted or deleted somehow. So, to recover the deleted data or rebuild the corrupted file follow our other articles.

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