Learn How to Turn Logging On or Off in Outlook for Mac 2011

Logging is a procedure of creating and maintaining records of certain activities, which can be used for future reference purposes. Logs keep a record of the exact time and date at which a certain activity was performed. Therefore, logging is an important feature from organizational point of view as it generates automated records. Outlook for Mac 2011 comes with the same provision that can be enabled and disabled as per the user’s convenience. The following blog discusses about how to turn logging on or off in Mac Outlook 2011. The entire procedure is explained below for enabling and disabling the logging feature on Outlook for Mac 2011.

Availability of Logging for Mac Based Outlook Client

The Mac based versions of Outlook come with the logging feature to enable users keep track of activities taking place on the client. The logging feature helps maintain records just in case something goes wrong, the last performed activity can be recalled by referring to the log record. The facility is available for the following features:

  • LDAP Transactions
  • Auto Discover Service
  • Microsoft Exchange (Folder Plus Item Synchronization)
  • MS Exchange Calendar

Enabling Logging in Outlook 2011

The following steps will guide you through the procedure of enabling logging facility on Outlook for Mac 2011:

  1. Click on Error Log from the Window menu
  2. Click on Gear icon from the Error window
  3. Then, select the option - Turn on Logging for Troubleshooting. Click on Ok
  4. Close the Error window

Viewing the Log Files Generated

Once you turn on the logging feature in Outlook 2011, a log record is created at a default path. The path is determined according to the version of Outlook for Mac that you are using. Similar to the path, the log file name shall also differ in the case of different versions of Outlook for Mac. In order to locate the log file kindly follow the given table:

NOTE: Different version here refers to the upgrades and service pack versions that are released for Outlook 2011 that help upgrade / update the application.

Disabling Logging for Outlook 2011

Just as a feature is enabled, it can be disabled too once the purpose has been served successfully. Outlook 2011 enables users to disable the logging feature for specific services and not for all at once. The following image represents a command each, to turn off logging for specific features in Outlook 2011. Terminal is used for executing the commands:

Conclusion: Logs are the best way to maintain records of particular activities taking place in order to recall and undo them. Therefore, once the purpose has been served, the option can also be disabled in order to prevent the generation of logs to maintain confidentiality of all user activities. Thus, the blog above helps understand how to turn logging on or off in Outlook for Mac 2011 as per user requirement.

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