No Valid MBOX Found

There might be many situations in which you are in need of importing your old mailboxes into Apple Mail. Sometimes you can easily import the mailboxes into MAC Mail. In addition to that, you can get into a notification "No Valid MBOX Found" while choosing the mailboxes to be imported.

-- So, the problem is that you are not able to find the MBOX files for importation. One of the reasons for this kind of hindrance is as follows:
As the notification suggests that there are no valid MAC Mail supporting mails to be imported. So, you have to select the folder that have the mails for importation, not the .mbox folder. To avoid this issue you can follow the given below steps:

  • Quit MAC Mail .
  • Follow Finder>>Go>>Go to Folder>>~Library/Mail/Mailboxes.
  • Create a new .mbox folder.
  • Create one more folder named Messages within that .mbox folder.
  • Move your all .emlx files into that "Messages" folder.
  • After opening your Apple Mail, you will find a local mailbox with the name you have chosen of your .mbox folder.
  • Then, Follow Mailbox>>Rebuild. Choose rebuild with the mailbox you have created.
  • After the completion of whole process, you will find all the older mails in current mailbox.

You can also avoid this issue by selecting "Apple Mail" instead of "Files in mbox format" while importing the mailboxes.

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