Workarounds for Resolving Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 50

Office 2011 for Mac was a provision made for Apple users to get access of Microsoft applications, a part of which is Outlook 2011 for Mac. The application is completely similar to its Windows based counterpart however, slight difference in the storage repository and other factors are noticeable while working on it. Similarly, the errors and troubleshooting methods for the two also differ entirely. This segment is an explanatory guide for understanding and resolving Mac Outlook 2011 error code 50 without taking the help of an expert.

Resolving Microsoft Outlook Mac Error Code 50

In order to resolve the Mac Outlook error, it is necessary to understand what caused that error to take place. However, the reason behind error 50 in Outlook 2011 is uncertain which is why there are no direct solutions proposed for resolving it, but workarounds. Perfection is a myth especially in the world of technology, because no matter how good an application is, there are going to be errors at some point of time. This segment explains some of the probable workarounds to be applied in a situation where an Outlook 2011 user surfaces the error 50.

Some of the possible workarounds have been listed below that can be implemented by users as per their suitability:

  • By running Remover Office - a utility provided by Microsoft as a part of Office 2011 suite. Once you run Remove Office, run Repair Permissions. Now install the application from CD and upgrade it with the latest updates. Restart the machine and again run ‘Repair Permissions’.
  • Having semicolon in the outgoing server name can also result in causing the occurrence error 50. Due to the semicolon, users are generally unable to send emails using their Outlook 2011 account.
  • Create a new account for verifying the configured email address in order to switch back to the old email account with error 50 as a solution.

Observation: Mac Outlook 2011 error code 50 is a common error that happens to take place in various conditions causing inconvenience for the users in either communicating or working with their data. Besides fixing the profile, other workarounds for troubleshooting the issue like removing Office and running permission repair are discussed in the segment above. The solutions can be implemented as per the suitability of each user. For any further queries, it is suggested to leave a comment below so that an immediate response with a valid solution can be shared.

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