How to Export Outlook 2016 and 2011 OLM file

Archive OLM file in Outlook 2016

If you want to export OLM file in Outlook 2016 then, you need to be aware about the fact that your Outlook should be updated. If it is not updated, You will not be able to see Export button. In spite of updated Outlook 2016, Export button is not visible
-- View for Export in Outlook File Menu.
-- Select Export button from Tools tab.

-- Then in Export to Archive File(.olm) box, Enable the data items you want to archive or you can save entire data as well.

-- In “Save archive file(.olm) as” box, Save the Output file with any name at desired location.
-- Hit the Save button.

-- You will also be able to see the exporting status of OLM file.

-- After exporting the entire data, a notification will appear. Click on Finish.

Archive OLM file in Outlook 2011

If you are very much conscious about loosing your data. So, You want to archive your MAC Outlook data i.e. .olm file as a backup. To export OLM in Outlook 2011, there are multiple options available as per your need. You can export emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, tasks, appointments and notes in MAC Outlook. In case you want to archive OLM file data from Outlook 2011, then you can follow the given steps:
-- Go to File >> Export

a) The option “Contacts to a list(tab-delimited text)” is given to archive the contacts from entire Outlook data. So, that these contacts can be saved in .txt extension and later on can be transferred to any other email or database application.

b) The option “Outlook for MAC Data file(.olm)” further provides you two different ways of exporting OLM file:
Items that are in category: If you have created any category in past to save your data then you can use this option. To define a category, Click on Category from toolbar and Click on Add New and provide name to the category.

c) To export the entire data of OLM file, Go for option “Items of following Types” and enable all the options Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes. Click the right arrow.

d) You can choose the given options as per your need.
e) You can save the output exported file at desirable location. Click on Save.