Fix Mac Outlook 2011 Crashes and Hangs Issues Manually

Mac Outlook is widely used by the people, Users of Mac Outlook 2011 complains that the Outlook 2011 crashes and hangs repeatedly. Which cause lots of issues like data loss, etc. If your Outlook is constantly asking to rebuild, crashing and hanging then you should follow the article below. We are providing some troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue.

Some Knows Issues of Mac Outlook 2011 Crashing and Hangs

  • Continuously prompt to rebuild: You have already rebuilt the identity, but the error keeps prompt again and again. Then the Signature with graphics seems to be one of the reason that gives you the "database needs rebuilding" Error. Select an another default sign without logo and image.
  • Importing .PST file in the Outlook causes crashing: Sometimes importing a PST file in Outlook is better idea and it works without any problem, but some users experience that when they import their PST file in Outlook it starts crashing. To resolve this issue you can use Emailchemy, this can convert PST file in a RGE Entourage archive file which can be easily imported by Mac Outlook without any issue.
  • Font Caches and Duplicacy: Deleting and removing duplicate font caches can quickly fix some crashing and hanging issue.
  • Large data files on the server: If you have huge data files on the server containing thousands of messages. And when outlook synchronizes with this huge file it start crashing and hangs. To solve this, make small folders which are easy to sync and index.
  • Operating system files: If you are using an older version of Mac OS or does not update your Mac Operating system files, then you will definitely face these kind of problems. To resolve this issue keep your Mac OS up to date and update your system time to time.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the Mac Outlook 2011 crashing and hanging issue

  • Does your Mac Outlook work when you use "Safe Boot Mode"? When you start your computer in Safe boot Mode, it makes computer to run various maintenance programs and disable fonts. If Outlook works in a Safe boot mode, then you can precise your search for the items that were disabled. By doing this user found that item which was causing their hanging problem with download messages.
  • Test your Outlook with a new identity You can test your Mac Outlook with new identity to resolve the problem with current identity and remove specific files causing problem.
  • Test your Outlook 2011 with a new User? Testing your Outlook with a new user will quickly tell you if the problem is with your system or with your User's folder. Go to System Preferences > Create New User in accounts. Switch to the New User by logging out/in or use Fast User Switching. Test your problem in the new user. If the problems go away, start troubleshooting your user's folder.
  • Rebuild your Mac Outlook database:The new database is quicker and simpler to rebuild. It requires a 3x space of data files.
  • Repair your Mac identity: You can completely remove the database and outlook will recreate a new database using data records data files. This is a new option.
  • Remove Outlook preferences:By removing preferences, the user will be able to determine whether the issue is caused by damaged Outlook 2011 preferences or not.
  • Free Disk Space: If you have less than 10 free disk memory space, then odd things can start to happen. You should remove some junk and large files from the disk so that applications can run according to their programs

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