Troubleshooting Error Code 3253 Outlook Mac 2016 in an Effective Way

One of the common errors that are encountered by the user of Mac Outlook 2016 is Error code 3253 displaying the error message “Connection to the Server failed or was dropped”. This error will restrict Mac Outlook user from sending email but is able to receive email. It will occur suddenly without giving any warning, which leaves user clueless of the reasons responsible for the error. The blog will be discussing the possible solution to resolve the Error Code 3253 Outlook Mac 2016.

About the Error Code 3253

The Error 3253 signifies failure of the connection to the server that creates problem to the users sending emails. The possible reasons for the occurrence of the error are:

  • Large size of the sent email folder
  • Incorrect information for the setup of Outlook account to Internet email account
  • Outlook for the Mac system gets corrupted

How to Resolve the Error Code 3253 Outlook Mac 2016

To provide a better resolution for the corresponding error, we will first find out the type of email account setup in Mac Outlook 2016 that can be POP3, IMAP, Exchange Active Sync (EAS) or MS Exchange. To check the type of email account, go to File >> Info >> Account Settings and check the drop down list option. EAS account can be, or account.

In next step, we can set up the email account in a new profile in Outlook 2016 using the steps defined below:

  • Go to Applications Folder using Finder
  • Right-click MS Outlook and click on Show Package Contents
  • Go to Contents >> Shared Support and go to Outlook Profile Manager, double-click on it.
  • Click on Create a new profile button and enter the name of the new profile.

In the last section, we will set up the email account in the new Outlook profile created using the steps:

  • Select Add account option in the set up page
  • Choose the desired account type to add among the options: Exchange/Office 365 or Other Email (IMAP/POP)
  • Enter the detailed information needed for account and click on Add Account
  • Click on Accounts option under Tools Tab to add more email accounts
  1. Add an Exchange Account

    For this, click on Add option present at bottom left corner, select Exchange and enter the information related to Exchange account. User can configure the account automatically by selecting Configure automatically option and click on Add account.

  2. Add an IMAP or POP account

    Select Other Email option after clicking on Add, enter the account details and click on Add account.

If user cannot configure the account automatically, we can type the information manually.

  • For adding online email accounts such as Google, contact your internet service provider to get account related information (IMAP or POP account type) and address of the mail server.
  • For adding MS accounts such as enter the information below:

Conclusion: The blog is totally focused on the discussion regarding the Error Code 3253 Outlook Mac 2016 related to the failure of connection to the server, which thereby creates problem in sending email. It further describes some reasons of the occurrence of the error along with possible solutions to resolve the same.

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