How to create email groups in Outlook 2016 and 2011

Mac Outlook has the ability to create a contact group from your contact list i.e. also known as Distribution list. It is a collection of email addresses gathered under one name. If a message is sent to an email group received by all recipients listed in the group. Apart from this, you can also incorporate contact groups in messages, meetings, and in other distribution lists.

Create Contact Group in Outlook 2016

If you want to export OLM file in Outlook 2016 then, you need to be aware about the fact that your Outlook should be updated. If it is not updated, You will not be able to see Export button. In spite of updated Outlook 2016, Export button is not visible
-- Click People from the bottom of the left navigation tab.
-- From Home tab, Hit New Contact Group.

If the option of New Contact Group is not visible then you need to clear Hide On My Computer Folders checkbox.
For that, follow the given below steps:
a) Click Preferences from Outlook menu.

b) Then, Click General from the Personal Settings .
c) Now, clear the Hide On My Computer folders checkbox from General box.

-- Type a name for the contact group.
-- Choose any task from the following:

-- Click Save & Close.

Create Email Groups in Outlook 2011

To create contact group in Outlook 2011 Mac, Follow the given below steps:
-- Click Contacts from the bottom of the navigation tab.
-- From Home tab, Click Contact Group.

If Contact Group is not present then, you need to create that:
To create a contact group, you need to set the preferences to display the On My Computer folders:
a) From Outlook menu, Click Preferences.
b) From Personal Settings, Click General.
c) From Folder list, Disable the Hide On My Computer folders checkbox.

-- Then, Enter any name for the contact group.

You can perform any one activity from the following:

a) To add any person from your contacts or with whom you have recently sent or received mail : Click Add , Enter the few alphabets of the group or person's name. Then, Click the proper entry on the pop-up menu.

b) To add a person who is neither in your contact nor you have recently exchanged email: Click Add, then enter the person's email address.

c) To prevent the visibility of the addresses of other groups from message recipients: Enable Use Bcc to hide member information checkbox.

d) To remove a member: Click the member and then Hit Remove.

-- Hit Save & Close.