Cannot Delete Mail from Junk

Many of the users prefer MAC OS for their personal or professional purposes. Since, you may have multiple mailboxes in any mail program on MAC OS. There are many issues associated with the mailboxes in EL CAPITAN OS version of MAC, I will explain one of them with solution.

-- Sometimes, it happens you are continuously trying to clear junk from your mailbox. It gets evacuated at that time but when you get back to the mail program, you found that it was not deleted.
-- So, It is a matter to be discussed that why is it so?
-- You may have an IMAP account configured in your mail program. After deleting the mails from junk when the mailbox will again get configured with the server then those deleted mails will be visible again.
-- To avoid this above mentioned issue, just follow the given below easy steps:

  • Open your Mail .

  • Go to Mail > > Preferences

  • Select the mail account and then select Mailbox Behaviors. Disable the option of junk.

  • Close and Save all..