OLM to PST Converter

Convert OLM to PST file format with complete attachments

  • Export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST file expeditiously
  • Read all the OLM email items with attachments on Windows.
  • Import Mac OLM file to UNICODE type PST file by default.
  • "Split PST" option available to split large sized PST file post conversion.
  • Selective exporting option helps to avoid exporting unnecessary emails from OLM file
  • MS Outlook installation is mandatory for performing Mac mail to Windows conversion.
  • Being Windows based tool, the converter cannot be installed in Mac machine.

olm to pst converter

Move OLM to PST Files

Transfer multiple Mac Outlook OLM files to Windows PST format. The software provides a quick solution to export the entire information available in OLM database to PST file formats including attachments without any changes in actual data items.

scan mac outlook file

Save Scanned OLM File

OLM to Windows PST Converter saved scanned copy of Mac Outlook file for future reference. The software saves the scanned OLM file so that the conversion process can be resumed in case of any interruption from user end or in case the conversion needs to be done again.

Access Mac Outlook datafile

Preview of OLM Emails & Attachments

Once the OLM file is scanned, the software gives a complete preview of the mails as well as the embedded attachments. The mails and other items are viewed in Normal view and the attachments can be viewed separately in Attachment View.

export mac outlook 2011 to pst

Export Selective mails from OLM to Windows

The software gives an option to migrate a selective number of emails and folders. The selection of emails can be done either by export the selective emails by enabling the check box or by direct conversion of Outlook 2011 archive to PST.

migrate apple mails in unicode

Creates UNICODE PST File

OLM to PST Converter is a Windows based tool that converts Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook files. The output PST file created is of UNICODE format. The software converts the entire items stored in the OLM file like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. to output PST file.

split the resutant file

Option to Split Output PST

In case your resultant PST file after conversion is large in size, it can be split into smaller PST files with the Split PST option. Once selected, the software splits the PST file into several files of equal sizes, as chosen by the user.

Migrate Mac Outlook data on Windows

Unsupported in Mac Machine

The software being a Windows based tool cannot be installed in Mac machine. The tool goes unsupported in OS other than Windows machine. The tool supports conversion of Mac Outlook 2011 to PST Outlook for Windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I run OLM to PST Converter on my Mac machine?
What is the format of the output PST file?
The output PST file created after conversion will be of UNICODE format. This PST file type does not pose any threat of data corruption due to size.
Does the software support conversion of corrupt OLM files?
No, the software does not support conversion of corrupted files. In order to convert the file, it needs to be a healthy one.
Is there any size limit imposed on the OLM file that needs to be converted?
No, there is no size limitation imposed on the Mac Outlook file. The software can convert OLM file of any size.
How to Archive Outlook 2011 Mac?
Follow the below easy steps to Export Outlook 2011 Archive mails:
  • Click on Outlook 2011 menu at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the File menu » Export.
  • Click Outlook for Mac Data File
  • Choose an option to filter by category or item type.
  • To export Outlook 2011 Archive all items in .olm format, click Items of the following types, and then select all the check boxes.
  • Click the right arrow to continue the process
  • And the Mac Outlook 2011 Data File uses the .olm file extension.
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